Wednesday, March 7, 2012

How cold-hearted can you be??

Today I was going through my Pinterest account and the 2 main categories I always click on when I sign in are: "DIY" and "My Life." Well, when I clicked on "My Life" I scrolled down about half way & came to an immediate halt when I seen this:

After I looked at this photo, I looked under it and noticed that a girl had posted it and her caption to this photo read: "hahahahahahahaha." That wasn't the reaction that made me disgusted... it was the fact that this photo had  1 "likes" and 11 "repins." For those of you who do not have a Pinterest account, "Repin" means to post this photo onto your own personal Pinterest account from another user that had posted it. One of the comments says, "Wow... that's incredibly mean" and the other comment states, "I'm laughing - and yes, I'm quite sure I'm going to hell."

See for yourself:

The reason why this post absolutely disgusts me is for numerous reasons. The first main reason is the fact that whoever made this photo of Drake and edited it the way they did, has NO soul for those who actually may never be able to walk again. Second, I didn't even have the guts to click on the "11 repins" because I don't want to even see the faces of those who agree with this image. Third, my oldest brother was involved in a motorcycle accident last year and he is now paralyzed from the breastbone down. My brother is married, has 3 kids, was a truck driver, and always was the life of the party. My brother IS the person I look up to in my family, he's the one that has always given me the dead honest truth about everything I need his opinion on. He's the one that has made me realize that there is more to life than what meets the eye.

As for this picture that I noticed on Pinterest, it is absolutely heart breaking to know there are people out there who make fun of those who cannot walk & who may never walk again... Imagine if it were you. Imagine if YOU were the one sitting in that wheelchair. Imagine if it were YOU who realized they may never be able to run a marathon. Imagine if it were YOU who had their life change in a single second all because of an ACCIDENT. Imagine if it were YOU with children that you did EVERYTHING for and all of a sudden your "everything" is limited...

Remember this quote??
"See that girl right there?
The one you just called fat?
She's been starving herself, and she's lost over 30 pounds.
The one you just called stupid?
She has a learning disability, she studies 6 hours per night.
The one you just called ugly?
She spends over 3 hours putting makeup on in hopes people will notice her.
The one you just called a baby?
You would cry too if your mother was dead.
The one you just tripped?
I think she's abused enough at home.
There's a lot more to a person than you think."

disrespecting people when you have NO idea who they really are!

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  1. Good Morning! I love this blog... Can I get an email from the person who wrote this blog about her brother in a wheelchair. Please email to Thank you for sharing.

    1. I have emailed you. Thank you for reading my blog.

  2. Wow girl, people these days can be so cruel! :-(

    1. I agree. It's really sad to me how people have the nerve to make fun of someone with a disability.

  3. You do realize that this photo wasn't "edited," right? Drake played a paralyzed character on a show called Degrassi before he was a rapper. It's a play on words based on his old character and his lyrics. I really don't think whoever made this was targeting paraplegic people.

    1. Yes, I do realize it wasn't Drake who was edited into the photo, I never said that. When I said "edited" I meant the words. It is obviously going by the lyrics to one of his songs, "Last name Ever, first name Greatest" or however it goes. It was unnecessary to put the captioning over the photo - that, is what I meant by this photo being "edited."

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    1. I followed back!! Enjoy your blogs!