Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Take A Chance!

I personally like to think of LIFE as a one-way street - you are supposed to stay within the lines, heading towards one direction, you may hit some potholes or head over some hills, but eventually, you'll get to your destination. I often wonder what everyone else thinks LIFE is compared to...

Throughout my personal life, I have been offered so many opportunities and I try my best to take every single one. I'm currently twenty years old and have been offered to give speeches, have my poetry published, asked to be a writer for a magazine, asked that my photos be publicly displayed, and most importantly, I have been recognized. No, I am not a famous poet, photographer, or artist, but I have fame in my own way.

Never in my life did I think I would be twenty years old and married, let alone move 3,500+ miles away from "home," or have the opportunities given to me that I've accepted. People go through life every single day caught up in the events they often call the "could of, would of, should of's" but not many people can say they've taken a  chance and it happened to be the best thing that's happened to them!

Now, I don't know if it's because I always try to seek the best in every situation, or because I like to think of the positive outcomes rather than the bad but, there has never been a moment where I have immediately said "no" to an opportunity that has come my way. So, if you're someone who's reading this blog that has something just hovering over your shoulders that you've been debating on for a while, GO FOR IT

You may be someone who has the opportunity to go to a college that is a few states away from your family, or the opportunity to transfer to a new job that you've never done before, or the opportunity to have your work published in a place you never thought it would be, or the opportunity to try something you've NEVER done before... TAKE IT! What is holding you back? Is it the fact that you'll be a few states away from your loved ones? They're just a plane, train, or car ride away! Is it the fact that you're transferring to a new job or a new location and you're nervous that you won't know anyone? You meet people every single day of your life and honestly, the people you're "friends" with now may not even be there for the rest of your life! The ones that matter will be the ones that stick with you, no matter what choice you make!

Take the new opportunity; take the chance, because you never know when a moment like this will come around again! Just think about it, if you take this once in a lifetime chance, you'll be looking back - years later - saying, "it was the best decision" instead of "I wish I took the opportunity when it was handed to me."

I say whatever decision you have in your life right now, GO FOR IT! What's the worst that can happen, this opportunity wasn't what you expected? So what, a new one will come around!! Like they say, "when one door closes, another one opens."

Hakuna Matata!!!



  1. So true. I loved reading this blog. Im almost twice ur age & yet u have experienced way more in life then I ever have and probably ever will. I get stuck/rooted/trapped in the familiar and as much as I long to go somewhere/do something I let fear hold me back, comfort zone keep me rooted, etc. ur inspirational. I wish I had the gumption to take advantage of opportunities or create my own. But I dont. I stay rooted -_-

    1. As I've always lived by, "it's never too late to start." So whenever you decide that "TODAY" is the day, go ALL in for it Angie! Don't let anything stop you! If you have a sudden urge to change your life around or to just begin fresh, TAKE IT! Nothing is physically stopping you & it's never, ever too late to do anything (unless you're already with the Lord!) Lift up those roots, you've planted yourself enough! Grow some flowers, expand your branches, and settle in a new place [in your life]! You know I'll support you!!