Sunday, March 18, 2012

Tragedy Shouldn't Make You Realize...

In the last 2 years of my life, I have encountered deaths of quite a few of my friends. Each time a person has passed away I end up looking on Facebook at the person's page and I realized that 90% of who find out about the person's death usually says, "I wish we hung out more."

I really do not understand why a fatal accident or a death makes people realize how much that person actually meant to them. Instead of saying, "I wish we hung out more," why not just hang out with them! Personally, every single opportunity I have to hang out with someone, even if I'm not THAT close to them, I take it. You don't have to be best friends with someone to go to the movies together, go out for lunch, or just hang out at one another's house and talk!

I just want everyone to realize that when someone passes, THAT day shouldn't be the day you wish you hung out with someone more than you had... WHENEVER you have the opportunity to spend time with someone in your life... TAKE IT - you never know when that time will run out. A tragic moment shouldn't have to make you realize that you want to hang out with that person. STOP taking moments for granted & learn to value them!

I lost one of my best friends, I lost acquaintances, I've lost family members, I've lost extremely close family friends, and my big brother had a near death experience. When the first death of my life happened, THAT was the moment my eyes opened. I used to be quiet, shy, and mostly kept to myself but I realized that I needed to change. People value you, people love you, and people inspire you in many ways. If you have nothing else planned for the day, why not take up an offer to hang out with someone? Why do you feel the need to make an excuse? Why do you feel like they'll be here tomorrow?

between now and tomorrow.

Learn to appreciate those who you have in your life. Time is important, every second of every minute is important. Even if my husband does NOTHING but play xbox all day, I still cherish every second with him because those are the things I miss the most when we're apart. Don't make excuses, learn to smile and appreciate the day you're given because accidents do happen and you never know when someone could be gone. There is no time to hold grudges or to be mad at someone. So what they messed up, so what you messed up, forgive and forget because I'm sure the LAST memory you want of someone is an argument. End every single day on a good note with the people you encounter.

With that being said,
Love your life, love the time you're given in a day, love the people you meet and talk to each day in your life.