Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Make Points Turn Into Money OR Gift Cards!

I want to share this website called "SuperPoints" with everyone. 
Every day they send you an email & inside of the email are points that could range from 1-50. Each time you click "Claim Points" on the email, it'll bring you to the SuperPoints page. You have the option of spinning the "SuperLucky Button," taking survey's, watching videos to earn points! You get 30 chances on on the SuperLucky Button & you can win up to 50 points with just ONE click of the button! (I won 32 points by just pushing the button today!) Also, the more friends that YOU invite, it will increase your number of clicks! You start out with 30 clicks on the button but you could earn up to 100 clicks!!!

After the first 500 points you earn, you can turn in your points for PayPal cash, an Amazon gift card, iTunes, Home Depot, & even Starbucks gift cards! Or, you can save up your points and win PRODUCTS like Mac computers and other electronics! I've already cashed in twice in the last year! So, if you guys would like to sign up you can!! ♥ 

If you have any questions, just let me know!




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